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General practise of denture Fittings

When it comes to toothlessness, dentures are your best, if not only, bet. Sadly, our current system of dentures has become antiquated. The patient has the choice of sitting in the dentist’s chair for 8 hours or more, or spending weeks to receive their dentures.

The average set of dentures requires 4 to 5 visit, and takes about 3-4 weeks to deliver:

  • Starts with a dentist visit to get moulds made
  • Moulds sent back to dentist
  • Denture is sent back to lab for alterations
  • Patient is check for final fitting and delivery
  • Moulds are sent to lab for casting
  • Dentist fits moulds to patient for custom fitting
  • Refined denture sent back to the dentist

Comfort of easy DENTURES

With Easy Denture™, we’ve reduced the time AND the cost with our industry-setting dentures that you custom fit to your mouth in less than 5 minutes with nothing more than hot water.

At Easy Denture™, we believe that everyone should be able to chew and eat healthy foods, laugh, and smile without being self-conscious. Everything we do at Easy Denture™is based upon the idea that everyone – regardless of socioeconomic status—deserves access to oral care solutions that improve their life.

Our mission is to fundamentally and forever change how oral care products are manufactured and delivered to consumers. We are changing the world – one smile at a time.

With Easy Denture™, You can

  • Eliminate multiple sitting
  • Time saving of Dentist’s & Client’s
  • No dependency on Lab
  • No more alteration
  • Customize and refit up to 20 times
  • No hitech equipment needed.
  • No painful treatment.
  • Simple fitting, can be performed by your supporting staff too

Comaprision between EASYDENTURE, Normal Denture & Implant

ASSESSMENT Normal Denture Full Implant EASYDENTURE
Require Sugical Procedure No Yes No
Required Good Health No Yes No
There can be complications No Yes No
Required Good Mouth condition No Yes No
No. of Visits required 3 to 4 5 to 6 single
5 Minutes Fixing No No Yes
Easy remoulding No No Yes
20 Times refitting No No Yes
Required time (2 Weeks) (2 Months) (5 Min)
Fixed solution No Yes No
Chances of Cracking Yes Yes No
Cost Affordable Sky High Affordable
process for old age people Tedious Complicated easiest